This book originates from a comparative research project involving extensive collection and analysis of primary and secondary materials (scholarly literature, statistical data, and interviews with key actors) on socioeconomic outcomes of the global financial crisis in all major world regions during the last years. Offering analytical and comparative insights at the global level, as well as an assessment of the overall social globalization phenomenon, this book will be useful for scholars, students, NGOs, and policy makers.

part |19 pages

Theoretical and Empirical Introduction

chapter |17 pages


Socioeconomic Outcomes of the Global Financial Crisis: Theoretical Overview and Some Empirical Observations
ByUlrike Schuerkens

part |89 pages

Systematic Part

chapter |15 pages

“Greening the Crisis”

The Place of Environmental Factors in Its Story and Aftermath
ByEdwin Zaccai

chapter |27 pages

The Economic Crisis, Austerity, and Migration

Exploring the Failed Trajectory of Neoliberal Post-Communism
ByCharles Woolfson

chapter |21 pages

From Male to Female

Conversion and Gender Relations in Times of Crisis: A Study of Seasonal Workers of Agribusiness in Chile
ByTamara Heran

chapter |24 pages

Social Effects of the Crisis

Residential Mobility and Urban Sprawl in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona (Spain)
ByMontserrat Simó, Gemma Vilà

part |126 pages

Regional Case Studies

chapter |19 pages

The Brazilian Approach to Crisis

Growth Recovery, Basic Social Income, and a Wide Social Pact
ByAnete B. L. Ivo, Ruthy Nadia Laniado

chapter |18 pages

The First Financial Avalanche of the 21st Century

Impact on Different Social Classes in Vietnam
ByAngelica Laura Lucia Wehrli

chapter |31 pages

The Socioeconomic Consequences of the Global Crisis on Asia

ByJean Raphael Chaponnière

chapter |15 pages

African Reactions to the Global Economic Crisis

ByPatrick Bond