The first edition of Personality Assessment provided an overview of the most popular self-report and performance-based personality assessment instruments. The chapter authors were key members in creating or developing the research base for the eight test instruments covered in the book. The text was geared with graduate-level clinical, school, and counseling psychology courses in mind.

While still retaining all the attractive features of the first edition, this revision will reflect the advances in the field since 2008. Chapter contributors updated and expanded on reliability and validity data, clinical utility, multicultural considerations, and implications for therapeutic assessment. Another distinctive feature of this second edition is a companion website that features ancillary materials such as PowerPoints and test banks.

chapter |36 pages

Introducing Personality Assessment

BySteven R. Smith, Robert P. Archer

chapter |52 pages

The Clinical Interview

ByMark E. Maruish

chapter |58 pages

The MMPI Instruments

ByYossef S. Ben-Porath, Robert P. Archer

chapter |34 pages

The Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory–III

ByRobert J. Craig

chapter |48 pages

The Personality Assessment Inventory

ByLeslie C. Morey

chapter |32 pages

The NEO Inventories1

ByPaul T. Costa, Robert R. McCrae

chapter |39 pages

Behavior Rating Scales1

BySara A. Whitcomb, Jason E. Harlacher, Kenneth W. Merrell

chapter |69 pages

An Introduction to Rorschach-Based Performance Assessment1

ByGregory J. Meyer, Donald J. Viglione, Luciano Giromini

chapter |30 pages

The Thematic Apperception Test

A Performance-Based Assessment Technique
BySteven J. Ackerman, Katie C. Lewis, Amy E. Taylor

chapter |31 pages

Developing the Life Meanings of Psychological Test Data

Collaborative and Therapeutic Approaches
ByConstance T. Fischer, Stephen E. Finn

chapter |26 pages

Improving the Integrative Process in Psychological Assessment

Data Organization and Report Writing
ByMark A. Blais, Steven R. Smith