In this book Stephanie Bull and Kevin O’Farrell bring together practising clinicians who provide an insight into using contemporary art therapy with people with learning disabilities. The authentic voice of people who have learning disabilities is central to the book, and case examples, snapshots of thoughts, dialogue, photographs and artwork are included to ensure that the subjects' voices are heard.

The book covers:

  • having a learning disability
  • loss and bereavement
  • attachment and separation
  • infantilisation
  • fear
  • powerlessness
  • self and identity.

This accessible and thought-provoking book is essential reading for anyone involved with people with learning disabilities including art therapists, psychotherapists, counsellors, students and carers.

part |16 pages

Having a learning disability

chapter |14 pages

Having a learning disability

The question of what to say and how to say it

part |31 pages


chapter |16 pages

Shaping loss

chapter |8 pages

Leila's shunt

‘If I did not have the shunt in my head I would have been OK’

chapter |1 pages

Talking about ending

part |19 pages

Attachment and separation

part |12 pages


part |19 pages


part |15 pages


part |16 pages

Self and identity