In view of the approaching age of austerity for the public sector, leadership is likely to continue to become a key theme. This edited volume brings together a host of material from the public sector to analyze the issue internationally.

Teelken, Dent & Ferlie lead a team of contributors in examining three key aspects of this increasingly important theme:

  • the meaning of public sector leadership, and how this changes in different contexts
  • the implications for leadership style given the growing role of the private sector
  • the response to the leadership issue from professionals moving into senior management roles.

With contributions from respected academics such as Jean-Louis Denis, Mike Reed and Mirko Nordegraaf, this book will be an invaluable supplementary resource for those undertaking studies across public sector management and administration.

chapter |17 pages


An overview and conceptualization
ByChristine Teelken

part |69 pages

The meaning of public sector leadership and its changing forms

chapter |18 pages

Leading transformation in public delivery systems

A political perspective
ByDamien Contandriopoulos, Jean-Louis Denis

chapter |26 pages

Respond and deliver?

Change leadership in complex organizations
ByLouise Fitzgeral, Ewan Ferlie, Gerry McGivern, David Buchanan

part |64 pages

Leadership style in the public services

chapter |14 pages

After privatization

The public management of private employment services
ByNicolette van Gestel

chapter |21 pages

Medical leadership and management reforms in hospitals

A comparative study
ByMike Dent, Ian Kirkpatrick, Indranath Neogy

part |99 pages

Leadership and public sector professionals

chapter |19 pages

Universities under New Labour

Senior leaders' responses to government reforms and policy levers – findings from an ESRC project on public service leadership
ByRosemary Deem

chapter |19 pages

The university and the public and private good

ByJürgen Enders

chapter |23 pages

The making of professional public leaders

Leadership as practical myth
ByMirko Noordegraaf

chapter |15 pages

Concluding discussion

Paradigms and instruments of public management reform – the question of agency
ByEwan Ferlie