The embedding of energy efficiency in the management of individual housing organisations is crucial for the realization of current ambitious energy efficiency policies. This issue is examined for the first time in this book through an analysis of selected case studies in new ‘green’ buildings, as well as in the retrofitting of existing housing, maintenance and budgeting. The links between policy ambitions, practice and housing management institutions are given particular attention. Thus the book is primarily concerned with how ambitions about energy efficiency are carried forward in investment decisions at the housing estate level. Technical and financial issues relevant for this are also addressed.

The editors combine a wealth of experience in comparative research on housing policy and housing management with a strong academic background in housing studies and economics. The book aims to be internationally comparative including a range of countries. A chapter will be devoted to each of the following countries:- Sweden; Denmark; Germany; the Netherlands; England; France; Switzerland; Austria; Czech Republic; Slovenia; Canada. The book will appeal to a large audience of students and academics who are concerned with housing issues, urban policy and politics as well as to those engaged in research in energy efficiency policies in the built environment.

chapter |15 pages


ByNico Nieboer, Vincent Gruis, Sasha Tsenkova, Anke van Hal

chapter |22 pages


Integrated strategies to overcome market barriers
ByPaula Femenías, Anna-Lisa Lindén

chapter |18 pages


Climate partnerships in social housing
ByLars A. Engberg

chapter |22 pages


Sustainability versus economic feasibility
ByAndré Scharmanski, Nadine Walter

chapter |19 pages

The Netherlands

Unsettled times for energy efficiency
ByAnke van Hal, Nico Nieboer, Birgit Dulski

chapter |18 pages


Lessons from delivering Decent Homes and affordable warmth
ByJack Hulme

chapter |18 pages


The influence of regulation and public subsidies
ByFrédéric Bougrain

chapter |18 pages


Non-profit housing sector – a leader in energy efficiency initiatives
ByLee Ann Nicol, Margrit Hugentobler, Joris van Wezemael

chapter |25 pages


Social housing providers at the forefront of energy efficiency
ByWolfgang Amann, Alexis Mundt, Walter Hüttler

chapter |19 pages

Czech Republic

Energy efficiency increasing in the housing stock
ByJiří Karásek, Eliška Ubralová

chapter |14 pages


Do energy efficiency policies influence the quality of housing?
ByAndreja Cirman, Srna Mandič, Metka Sitar

chapter |23 pages


Energy efficiency retrofits: policy solutions for sustainable social housing
BySasha Tsenkova, Karim Youssef

chapter |14 pages


ByNico Nieboer, Vincent Gruis, Anke van Hal, Sasha Tsenkova