Social media (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Groupon, Twitter) have changed the way consumers and advertisers behave. It is crucial to understand how consumers think, feel and act regarding social media, online advertising, and online shopping. Business practitioners, students and marketers are trying to understand online consumer experiences that help instill brand loyalty. This book is one of the first to present scholarly theory and research to help explain and predict online consumer behavior.

section |80 pages

Consumers' Online Identity

chapter |32 pages

Snapshots of the Self

Exploring the Role of Online Mobile Photo Sharing in Identity Development Among Adolescent Girls
ByJenna Drenten

chapter |20 pages

Source Characteristics in Online Shopping

Do Avatar Expertise, Similarity, and Attractiveness Affect Purchase Outcomes?
ByDavid G. Taylor, Iryna Pentina

section |102 pages

Social Media, Blogs, and Privacy Issues

chapter |17 pages

Managing new Media tools for Brand Management in Social Media

ByElsamari Botha, Adam J. Mills

chapter |31 pages

Consumer Activism Through Social Media Carrots Versus Sticks

ByPia A. Albinsson, B. Yasanthi Perera

chapter |24 pages

Authenticity in online Communications examining Antecedents and Consequences

ByLauren I. Labrecque, Shabnam H.A. Zanjani, George R. Milne

chapter |26 pages

Web 2.0 and Consumers' Digital Footprint Managing Privacy and Disclosure Choices in Social Media

ByEreni Markos, Lauren I. Labrecque, George R. Milne

section |84 pages

Online Advertising and Online Search Behavior

chapter |24 pages

Viewer Reactions to Online Political Spoof Videos and Advertisements

ByAnjali S. Bal, Colin L. Campbell, Leyland F. Pitt

chapter |28 pages

Advertising Versus Invertising

The influence of Social Media B2C Efforts on Consumer Attitudes and Brand Relationships
ByAdriana M. Bóveda-Lambie, Neil Hair

chapter |30 pages

Male Consumers' Motivations for online information Search and Shopping Behavior

ByLinda Tuncay Zayer, Peter Coleman

section |77 pages

e-Tail Consumer Behavior and Online Channels

chapter |25 pages

Consumer Trust and Loyalty in e-Tail

ByCuiping Chen, Matthew O’Brien, Lin Guo

chapter |21 pages

Toward a Theory of Consumer Electronic Shopping Cart Behavior

Motivations of e-cart Use and Abandonment
ByAngeline G. Close, Monika Kukar-Kinney, Timothy Kyle Benusa