In the past three decades, China has experienced an unprecedented pace of economic and urban development. It’s economy is now transforming from one based on manufacturing industries towards the producer services, with the importance of these services in the national and regional economy being recognized by economists and policy makers alike. With growing demand and policy support, producer services are expected to expand rapidly, leading to a new wave of economic and urban development in China.

This groundbreaking volume is one of the first to address questions related to the development of these services in China. The contributions explore a wide range of associated topics including the characteristics of the growth of producer services and how this is related to China’s economic and urban transition, the distribution of these services amongst Chinese cities, as well as drawing comparison between producer service development in China and Western counterparts. This volume also discusses the dynamics of the development of these services in China and how the political-economic embeddedness of China has shaped the development of producer services. Finally, the consequences of this growth and how the economy and urban space have change in response is explored, as well as the challenges Chinese cities face in moving towards a service economy, and how this can inform future public policies.

This volume addresses the pressing need to understand the economic and urban changes in post-industrial China to allow appropriate strategies and policies to formulated to facilitate future development in China. The text is rich with statistical data and diagrams, providing original contributions and a cutting edge overview. This timely publication will be of interest to upper-level undergraduates, postgraduates, and researchers interested in China, Urban Studies and Economic Development.

part I|25 pages


chapter 1|23 pages

Producer services and China's economic and urban development

Introduction and overview

part II|71 pages

International experiences and China's producer service development

chapter 2|23 pages

The transition to producer services in China

Opportunities and obstacles

chapter 3|25 pages

Intermediate services, economic restructuring, and urban transformation

Insights and prospects for China

chapter 4|14 pages

Growth and location of producer services in China

Learning from the US experience

chapter 5|7 pages

Producer services

Trends, levels, and strategies

part III|129 pages

Dynamics of economic and urban development in china

part IV|124 pages

Producer services and new urban space in Chinese cities

chapter 11|22 pages

The spatial distribution of producer services in Shanghai

How different is it from consumer services and manufacturing?

chapter 13|19 pages

Development of China's capital market and the construction of financial centers

A case study of Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen

chapter 14|20 pages

Producer services in Xi'an

Inner China rising