This book traces the development of Taiwan’s relations with its diplomatic partners and its policy towards the political opponents of its political opponent - mainland China. Paying particular attention to the powers that could exercise great influence in the future of East Asia, China-Taiwan Relations in a Global Context examines the main diplomatic strategies of Taiwan and its counterparts and the major problems for Taiwanese foreign relations. To date there is very little scholarship which examines the ‘Taiwan Issue’ outside of the triangular Beijing-Washington-Taipei framework, this book does exactly that. The contributors examine the development of Taiwan’s relationship with less prominent countries and governments, and attempt to ascertain how such examinations could give rise to new variables that help explain the strategy and purpose of Taiwan’s foreign policy, as well as the reaction and response of mainland China.

This book provides readers with vital information about Taiwan’s foreign policymaking and introduces rarely told stories about Taiwan’s foreign relations. The research demonstrates the ceaseless and unyielding diplomatic efforts of the Taiwanese for survival in a shrunken international space and renders for readers a better understanding of the complexity of Taiwan’s relations with the rest of the world.

This book is essential reading for anyone interested in Taiwan studies, Chinese politics, Cross-Strait relations and Asian foreign policy.

chapter |12 pages


The Taiwan issue and the Taiwan factor: studying cross-Strait relations within the global context
ByC. X. George Wei

chapter |5 pages

Ryukyu and Taiwan on the East Asian seas 1

ByMan-houng Lin

chapter |17 pages

China's national representation and the Taiwan question in the Olympic movement

The case of Taiwan and Beijing's participation in the 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games
ByXu Guoqi

chapter |27 pages

The issues and image of Chiang Kai-shek and Taiwan in the US Congress

The role of a China lobbyist
ByGao Yanli

chapter |23 pages

Recent Taiwan–Japan relations

Interactions, trends and perspectives
ByC. X. George Wei, Chen Wenshou

chapter |25 pages

‘Separating economics from politics'

Contemporary Taiwan–South Korea relations
ByChen Wenshou, C. X. George Wei

chapter |22 pages

Russia and cross-Taiwan Strait relations

ByShaohua Hu

chapter |12 pages

The ‘Taiwan issue' and ‘Taiwan factor' in Sino–Soviet relations

An explanation based on Russian sources
ByZhang Jianhua

chapter |25 pages

Taiwan's relations with the Central Tibetan Administration in Exile

BySu Chia-Hung, C. X. George Wei

chapter |25 pages

Interactions between Taiwan and the Philippines since 1986

ByZhang Xudong, Zhang Xubao