The Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Law provides a comprehensive, non-technical philosophical treatment of the fundamental questions about the nature of law. Its coverage includes law’s relation to morality and the moral obligations to obey the law, the main philosophical debates about particular legal areas such as criminal responsibility, property, contracts, family law, law and justice in the international domain, legal paternalism and the rule of law.

The entirely new content has been written specifically for newcomers to the field, making the volume particularly useful for undergraduate and graduate courses in philosophy of law and related areas. All 39 chapters, written by the world’s leading researchers and edited by an internationally distinguished scholar, bring a focused, philosophical perspective to their subjects. The Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Law promises to be a valuable and much consulted student resource for many years.

part |92 pages

Theories About The Nature Of Law

chapter |13 pages

The Nature Of Law

An Introduction
ByAndrei Marmor

chapter |15 pages

Natural Law Theory

Its Past and Its Present
ByJohn Finnis

chapter |17 pages

Legal Positivism

Early Foundations
ByGerald J. Postema

chapter |17 pages

Legal Positivism

Contemporary Debates
ByJulie Dickson

chapter |11 pages

The Authority of Law

ByScott Hershovitz

chapter |17 pages

Obligations, Interpretivism and the Legal Point of View

ByNicos Stavropoulos

part |44 pages

Legal Reasoning

chapter |14 pages

Vagueness and the Law

ByScott Soames

chapter |13 pages

Legal Interpretation

ByTimothy Endicott

chapter |14 pages


ByFrederick Schauer

part |312 pages

Theories of Legal Areas

part |99 pages

Criminal Law

chapter |16 pages

The Justification of Punishment

ByMitchell N. Berman

chapter |17 pages

Wrongness And Criminalization

ByVictor Tadros

chapter |17 pages

The Voluntary Act Requirement

ByGideon Yaffe

chapter |14 pages

Criminal Attempts

ByR. A. Duff

chapter |17 pages

The Insanity Defense

ByGary Watson

chapter |16 pages


ByLarry Alexander

part |19 pages


chapter |17 pages

Is A Contract A Promise?

BySeana Valentine Shiffrin

part |15 pages


chapter |13 pages

Proximate Cause In The Law Of Torts

ByAndrei Marmor

part |27 pages


chapter |14 pages

Private Property

ByDaniel Attas

chapter |11 pages

Taxation, Redistribution And Property Rights

ByPeter Vallentyne

part |12 pages


chapter |10 pages

The Pursuit of Intimacy and Parental Rights

ByScott A. Altman

part |18 pages


part |61 pages

International Law

chapter |13 pages

International Law And Global Justice

ByBlake Michael

chapter |16 pages

Human Rights

ByJohn Tasioulas

chapter |16 pages

The Morality and Law of War

BySeth Lazar

chapter |14 pages

The Legitimacy of International Institutions

ByChristiano Thomas

part |19 pages

Environmental Law

part |34 pages


chapter |17 pages

Constitutional Interpretation

ByWilfrid J. Waluchow

chapter |15 pages

Judicial Review of Legislation

ByWaldron Jeremy

part |59 pages

Law As A Coercive Order

chapter |16 pages


ByWilliam A. Edmundson

chapter |14 pages


ByDouglas Husak

chapter |14 pages

Enforcing Morality

ByA. P. Simester

chapter |13 pages

The Rule of Law

ByGrant Lamond

part |45 pages

Moral Obligations To Law

chapter |16 pages

The Moral Obligation to Obey the Law

ByGeorge Klosko

chapter |13 pages

Conscientious Objection and Civil Disobedience

ByWaldron Jeremy

chapter |14 pages

Law, Loyalty and Citizenship

ByMeir Dan-Cohen

part |63 pages

Rights And Equality

chapter |12 pages

Some Questions About Rights

ByChristopher Morris

chapter |15 pages

Discrimination and Equality

ByKasper Lippert-Rasmussen

chapter |15 pages


ByJudith Wagner DeCew

chapter |19 pages

Freedom of Speech

ByAlon Harel