This edited volume presents fresh empirical research on the emerging outcomes of China’s law reforms. The chapters examine China’s ‘going out’ policy by addressing the ways in which the underpinning legal reforms enable China to pursue its core interests and broad international responsibilities as a rising power. The contributors consider China’s civil and commercial law reforms against the economic backdrop of an outflow of Chinese capital into strategic assets outside her own borders. This movement of capital has become an intriguing phenomenon for both ongoing economic reform and its largely unheralded underpinning law reforms. The contributors ask probing questions about doing business with China and highlight the astonishing escalation of China’s outbound foreign direct investment (OFDI).

Law and Policy for China's Market Socialism includes contributions from leading China-law scholars and specialist practitioners from the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries who all extend the examination of powerful influences on China’s law reforms into new areas. Given the forecast for the growth of China’s domestic market, those wishing to gain a better understanding and seeking success in the world's most dynamic marketplace will benefit greatly from reading this book.

This book is essential reading for anyone interested in Chinese economics and business, Chinese Law, Chinese politics and commercial law.

chapter |17 pages


Law and policy for China's market socialism
ByJohn Garrick

part |66 pages

China's evolving investment, company and business law environment

chapter |18 pages

China's outward direct investment in context

From ‘open door' to ‘going out’
ByJianfu Chen

chapter |16 pages

Company law reform in China

ByXianchu Zhang

chapter |15 pages

China's enterprise bankruptcy law

Implementation of the corporate reorganization provisions
ByRoman Tomasic, Zinian Zhang

part |79 pages

Critical issues for China's law and policy reforms

chapter |14 pages

Understanding Chinese real estate

The property boom in perspective
ByRichard Hu

chapter |17 pages

The political economy of China's environmental law reforms

ByFeng Lin, Andrew Chan, Wilson Cheung

chapter |13 pages

Implementing China's labour law reforms

Interests and obligations at the firm level
ByWilliam J. Hurst, Jonathan Kinkel, Alexandra Sowash

chapter |13 pages

Chinese outward direct investment

Case studies of SOEs going global
ByYingjie Guo, Shumei Hou, Graeme Smith, Selene Martinez-Pacheco

part |62 pages

Courts, alternative dispute resolution and anti-corruption measures in China

chapter |18 pages

Economic and social rights

The role of courts in China
ByRandall Peerenboom

chapter |17 pages

Alternative dispute resolution in China

ByFan Yu

chapter |13 pages

Organized crime in China

The Chongqing crackdown (重庆打黑行动)
ByNorman P. Ho

chapter |12 pages


Law and policy for ‘opening up' [kaifang] and ‘going out’ [zou chu qu]
ByJohn Garrick