The Brighton Conference in 1975 was devoted to an examination of some of the problems arising from the re-organisation of teacher education in a period of economic stringency and widespread cuts in education. The book is divided into four sections. The first considers the structural changes resulting from mergers and changing institutional roles. The second considers the changing curriculum; the third consists of discussion papers by three principals of colleges of higher education and the fourth section summarises discussions and seeks to identify some future trends in teacher education.

chapter |13 pages


ByNorman Mackenzie

part |46 pages

The Changing Structures

chapter |11 pages

Aspects of Institutional Change

ByJames Porter

chapter |13 pages

Universities and Colleges

ByAlec Ross

part |48 pages

The Changing Curriculum

chapter |20 pages

Principles and Practice of Validation

ByEdwin Kerr

chapter |17 pages

Curriculum Development in Higher Education

ByAnthony Becher

chapter |9 pages

Modular Course Structures in Higher Education

ByKenneth Gardner

part |23 pages

Discussion Papers

chapter |5 pages

The Challenge of Change

ByWilliam Percival

chapter |7 pages

Searching for a New Identity

ByNorman Evans

chapter |9 pages

Four Major Issues

ByBernard Fisher

part |37 pages


chapter |4 pages

The Major Issues: A Summary of Discussion Reports

ByM St J Raggett, M W Clarkson

chapter |9 pages

The Future of Teacher Training

ByRoger Webster

chapter |22 pages

New Patterns

ByM St J Raggett, M W Clarkson