The educational implications of cultural pluralism attracted a good deal of attention in Western societies in the 1970s and 1980s, on the grounds of equality and human rights, maximising national talent, and maintaining social cohesion. Maurice Craft and the international contributors to this book highlight the potential of teacher education, and in this wide-ranging analytical review for its key role in providing for ethnic minority children, in respect of access and achievements, and also for all children to acquire informed and tolerant attitudes.

This book makes an important contribution to a small but growing literature, concentrating on initial rather than in-service teacher education, and it brings together papers from experienced specialists from eleven countries worldwide: Australia, Britain, Canada, Israel, Malaysia, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and the USA. The papers are concerned with the needs both of diverse classrooms and diverse societies, and also consider general principles and comparative perspectives.

Of interest to the specialist and non-specialist alike, Teacher Education in Plural Societies: An International Review deals with an important and timely issue – how best to prepare teachers to meet the needs of both minority – and majority – culture pupils who are growing up in plural societies.


chapter |15 pages

Cultural Diversity and Teacher Education

ByMaurice Craft

chapter |11 pages

Pluralism and Australian Teacher Education

ByAnne Hickling-Hudson, Marilyn McMeniman

chapter |18 pages

Teacher Education for a Multicultural Britain

BySally Tomlinson

chapter |12 pages

Multicultural Teacher Education in Canada

ByRatna Ghosh

chapter |15 pages

Practice without Policy

Pluralist Teacher Education in Israel
ByAbraham Yogev

chapter |10 pages

Unity in Diversity

Teacher Education in Multicultural Malaysia
ByMolly Lee

chapter |13 pages

Teacher Training and Community Relations in Northern Ireland

BySeán Fulton, Anthony Gallagher

chapter |8 pages

Training Teachers for a Multicultural Future in Spain

ByCarmen Gonzalo, Maria Villanueva

chapter |14 pages

Teacher Education in Sweden

An Intercultural Perspective
ByGunlög Bredänge

chapter |13 pages

Comparative Perspectives and Paradigms

ByKeith Watson