In recent years there has been a new mood in teacher education. The emphasis is on professional studies, on encouraging trainee teachers to think intelligently about how to tackle problems of the classroom.This book surveys the developments which are taking it further in both Britain and North America. It goes on to argue the case for consolidating the new approach in a thoughtful, structured and comprehensive way. It argues that teacher education should be regarded as a discipline in its own right; that teacher education should be increasingly school focused and problem-centered; that it needs to blend theory more effectively with practice. It argues that teacher training programmes should prepare teachers for an uncertain future in a changing world. This calls for an emphasis on process rather than content in programmes and the preparing of teachers who are self-directed.

chapter |5 pages

Introduction – rethinking teacher education

ByDavid Hopkins, Ken Reid

part |32 pages


part |45 pages

Postgraduate teacher education in england and wales

part |48 pages

A Canadian perspective

chapter |24 pages

Characteristics of faculties of education

ByMarvin F. Wideen

part |42 pages

– Teaching practice

chapter |19 pages

Partnership supervision (or goldhammer revisited)

ByJean Ruddick, Alan Sigsworth

part |57 pages

Current issues

part |27 pages

Future perspectives

chapter |26 pages

The future for teacher education

ByWilliam Taylor