The field of Human Resource Development has developed largely through academics, scholars and reflective practitioners from across the world coming together. Many people link memorable keynote speeches to changes in their research, practice, career path or even life view. Good keynote speeches are a forthright statement of the expert’s view and thus are often not published. Now that HRD is maturing there is a need to recapture some of those earlier moments – both as a form of archive, and also to shed light on the path that has been followed.

Twenty-two speeches seminal to the field of HRD are included in this volume. These speeches are milestones along the path of the development of the field; as well as reconstructing their speech, the contributors have also located it within the time it was given and commented on how the field has developed since. This book is a resource, not only as an archive and for those who wish to relive their pivotal moments, but also for anyone interested in the development of HRD as a discipline. This unique approach provides an exciting and engaging way to reflect on cutting edge issues in the academic and practitioner world of HRD!

chapter |9 pages


part I|70 pages


chapter 1|14 pages

A Refusal to Define HRD

chapter 2|11 pages

In and Out of the “Black Box”

Human Learning, Contextual Performance and Qualitative Research

chapter 3|12 pages

International, Comparative and Cross-Cultural HRD

Challenges for Future Research and Practice

chapter 4|17 pages

Leadership Development and Talent Management

Fashion Statement or Fruitful Direction?

part II|46 pages


chapter 6|8 pages

Challenges and Issues of HRD in Thailand

Seeking Holistic and Sustainable Development

chapter 7|11 pages

HRD Policies and the Supra-State

A Comparative Analysis of EU and APEC Experience

chapter 8|13 pages

Human Resource Development Interventions for Improving International Managers' Performance in Overseas Assignments

A Conceptual Analysis on the Effects of Cultural Intelligence

chapter 9|12 pages

Worldly Leadership

Uncovering Ancient and Indigenous Leadership Wisdoms for a More Sustainable World

part III|54 pages


chapter 12|14 pages

Complexity and Imperfection

HTD Research Alive in Practice

chapter 13|13 pages

New Boundaries in Leadership Development

The Need for a Multi-Level Perspective in Evaluation and Research

part IV|63 pages


chapter 15|13 pages

National HRD

What in the World Is It?

chapter 16|12 pages

Get Up there and Start with a Joke

Humor in HRD

chapter 17|13 pages

Evaluation within Organizations

So, what are the Values?

chapter 18|10 pages

Management or Manipulation?

Emotions within the Context of Leadership

part V|61 pages


chapter 19|14 pages

Human Resource Development

Trends from a Global Perspective

chapter 21|17 pages


Looking to the Future