This book presents a series of research biographies based on research experiences in the study of educational settings. The main aim is to provide a set of first person accounts on doing research that combine analysis with description. The contributors have been drawn from the disciplines of sociology and educational studies and have all conducted ethnographic work or case studies in a variety of educational settings.

chapter |13 pages


ByRobert G. Burgess

chapter |24 pages

The Old Girl Network

Recollections on the Fieldwork at St Luke's
BySara Delamont

chapter |29 pages

The Researcher Exposed

A Natural History
ByMartyn Hammersley

chapter |28 pages

Beachside Reconsidered

Reflections on a Methodological Apprenticeship
ByStephen J. Ball

chapter |19 pages

Dimensions of Gender in a School

Reinventing the Wheel?
ByMary Fuller

chapter |22 pages

The Man in the Wendy House

Researching Infants' Schools
ByRonald King

chapter |23 pages

Wards and Deeds

Taking Knowledge and Control Seriously
ByPaul Atkinson

chapter |24 pages

A Study in the Dissemination of Action Research

ByJean Rudduck

chapter |23 pages

Library Access, Library Use and User Education in Academic Sixth Forms

An Autobiographical Account1
ByLawrence Stenhouse

chapter |16 pages

Chocolate Cream Soldiers

Sponsorship, Ethnography and Sectarianism
ByDavid Jenkins

chapter |20 pages

Autobiographical Accounts and Research Experience

ByRobert G. Burgess