Made in Spain: Studies in Popular Music will serve as a comprehensive and rigorous introduction to the history, sociology and musicology of 20th century Spanish popular music. The volume will consist of 16 essays by leading scholars of Spanish music and will cover the major figures, styles and social contexts of pop music in Spain. Although all the contributors are Spanish, the essays will be expressly written for an international English-speaking audience. No knowledge of Spanish music or culture will be assumed. Each section will feature a brief introduction by the volume editors, while each essay will provide adequate context so readers understand why the figure or genre under discussion is of lasting significance to Spanish popular music. The book first presents a general description of the history and background of popular music, followed by essays organized into thematic sections.

chapter |13 pages


Avoiding Stereotypes: A Critical Map of Popular Music in Spain

part |49 pages

Popular Music and the Challenges to National Identity

chapter |11 pages

Radical Rock

Identities and Utopias in Basque Popular Music

chapter |11 pages

We're on the Celtic Fringe!

Celtic Music and Nationalism in Galicia

part |47 pages

Looking to the Past

chapter |11 pages

From Cuba with Love

Rhythms and Revolutions in Nineteenth-Century Spanish Popular Music

chapter |12 pages

Aphrodite's Necklace Was Not Only a Joke

Jazz, Parody and Feminism in Spanish Musical Theatre (1900–1939)

chapter |11 pages

Stick to the Copla!

Recovering Old Spanish Popular Songs

chapter |11 pages

Swinging Modernity

Jazz and Politics in Franco's Spain (1939–1968)

part |41 pages

Steps Towards Modernity

chapter |10 pages

Submarinos amarillos

Transcultural Objects in Spanish Popular Music during Late Francoism

chapter |10 pages

La Movida

Popular Music as the Discourse of Modernity in Democratic Spain

chapter |9 pages

¡Baila toda la noche!

Fragments of Electronic Dance Music

part |50 pages

Memory, Music and Image

chapter |11 pages

Sounding Spanish Postwar

Canciones para después de una guerra

chapter |10 pages

On the Other Side of the Screen

Songs in Spanish Popular Cinema from Concha Piquer to Manolo Escobar

chapter |9 pages

Popular Music in Televisión Española

Cultural Policies, Consumption and Spanish Identity

chapter |9 pages


Spanish Popular Music through Latin American Eyes

chapter |9 pages


Mediterranean Love Songs: A Conversation with Joan Manuel Serrat