What do pupils actually do in school? There are remarkably few studies that take the pupils’ perspective and reconstruct experience from their point of view within the context of their own cultures and careers. This volume brings together a number of research studies on various aspects of how pupils cope with schools.

The theoretical papers consider amongst other issues a developmental model of the growth of pupil strategies based on primary and secondary socialisation; a discussion of ‘interactionist empiricism’ which argues for co-ordinated research between micro and macro perspectives and an extended overview of the general sociological background of work on teacher and pupil strategies. The empirical articles consider a number of themes ranging from strategies employed in answering teacher questions to the power and influence of the pupil peer group in the development of attitudes and behaviour.

chapter |18 pages

The Development of Pupil Strategies

ByWoods Peter

chapter |21 pages

Conformist Pupils?*

ByHammersley Martyn, Turner Glenn

chapter |24 pages

Pupil Strategies and the Open Classroom

ByDenscombe Martyn

chapter |35 pages

School Girls' Peer Groups

ByRobert J. Meyenn

chapter |16 pages

On Interactionist Empiricism*

ByMartyn Hammersley