The sociology of education has been at the forefront of new developments in sociological theory. This book examines and criticizes a number of these new developments and discusses some empirical work on issues of current concern. One of the few books that integrates radical and critical sociology into the field of education, it deals with the resultant difficulties. The topics covered include cultural deprivation, ideologies in education, classrooms, the teaching profession and the history of women’s education.

chapter |2 pages


ByMichael Flude, John Ahier

chapter |12 pages

Continuities & Discontinuities in the Sociology of Education

ByBill Williamson

chapter |38 pages

Sociological Accounts of Differential Educational Attainment

ByMichael Flude

chapter |16 pages

Sustaining Hierarchy Through Teaching and Research

ByJohn Bartholomew

chapter |26 pages

Ideologies, Integration and Conflicts of Meaning

ByDennis Warwick

chapter |26 pages

Sociology and the Problem of Radical Educational Change 1

Notes towards a reconceptualisation of the ‘New Sociology of Education’
ByGeoff Whitty

chapter |22 pages

The Official Ideology of Education for Girls

ByAnn Marie Wolpe

chapter |25 pages

Deschoolers and New Romantics

ByDavid H. Hargreaves

chapter |6 pages

Professions and Ideologies

ByJohn Ahier