This book builds on a decade-long experience with mechanisms provided by the Kyoto Protocol and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. It discusses the challenges of climate finance in the context of the post-Copenhagen negotiations and provides a long-term outlook of how climate finance in developing countries could develop. Written by climate finance experts from academia, carbon finance businesses and international organisations, the book provides background, firsthand insights, case studies and analysis into the complex subject area of climate finance.

chapter |38 pages

The Clean Development Mechanism gold rush

ByAxel Michaelowa, Jorund Buen

chapter |14 pages

Development cooperation and climate change

Political-economic determinants of adaptation aid
ByKatharina Michaelowa, Axel Michaelowa

chapter |25 pages

The Adaptation Fund

Towards resilient economies in the developing world
ByIzabela Ratajczak-Juszko

chapter |29 pages

Fast-start finance

Scattered governance, information and programmes
ByMartin Stadelmann, Jessica Brown, Lena Hörnlein

chapter |22 pages

New market mechanisms for mitigation

Getting the incentives right
BySonja Butzengeiger, Björn Dransfeld, Martin Cames, Axel Michaelowa, Sean Healy

chapter |20 pages

Mobilizing mitigation policies in the South through a financing mix

ByDaisuke Hayashi, Stefan Wehner

chapter |21 pages

Market mechanisms for adaptation

An aberration or a key source of finance?
ByAxel Michaelowa, Michel Köhler, Sonja Butzengeiger

chapter |33 pages

Climate finance and backstop technologies

BySonja Butzengeiger, Axel Michaelowa

chapter |11 pages

Manoeuvring climate finance around the pitfalls

Finding the right policy mix
ByAxel Michaelowa