The post-9/11 era and the overall impact of international terrorism have generated much debate regarding the role of military apparatus in modern society. This book assesses the inherent meaning of the militarization from a critical, interdisciplinary perspective. Against the background of democracy and capitalism, The Marketing of War in the Age of Neo-Militarism challenges prevailing accounts of the "military-industrial complex" as it explores significant interrelated themes denoting the accelerating process of militarization of society.

Designed to address pressing socio-political phenomena, this book is the first of its genre contesting conventional wisdom about the perceived link between war and the "military-industrial complex." It is unique not merely because of its approach, but also for its thorough analysis of deeply affected social institutions and processes such as education, popular culture, geopolitics, military expenditure, space and the environment.

Contributing authors advance the discussion by exposing factual information demonstrating the nature and scope of society’s militarization. Their analysis is also broadened to encompass key concepts and diverse aspects of the subject matter that provoke a lively debate. The book offers compelling arguments that will be indispensable to scholars, students, professionals, and policy and decision makers with an interest in social and political sciences as well as in other related fields.

chapter |6 pages


ByKostas Gouliamos, Christos Kassimeris

part |78 pages

Part I

chapter |14 pages


The Growing Hypertrophy of the LifeWorld Militarization
ByKostas Gouliamos, Christos Kassimeris

chapter |19 pages

A Dangerous Language

ByRūta Marcinkevičienė

chapter |18 pages

Militarization and Popular Culture

ByMatt Davies, Simon Philpott

chapter |25 pages

The Treadmill of Destruction Goes Global

Anticipating the Environmental Impact of Militarism in the 21st Century
ByGregory Hooks, Chad L. Smith

part |86 pages

Part II

chapter |20 pages

Democracy and Militarism

ByRobert L. Ivie

chapter |21 pages

Re-Launching NATO After 9/11

ByVangelis Horafas

chapter |26 pages


The High Ground of the European Union's Emerging Military Policies
ByFrank Slijper

part |98 pages

Part III

chapter |16 pages

War and Capitalism

ByFanny Coulomb, Jacques Fontanel

chapter |26 pages

The Militarization of US Higher Education After 9/11

ByHenry A. Giroux

chapter |7 pages


ByKostas Gouliamos, Christos Kassimeris