Although love and relationships have been focal points for poets and philosophers for thousands of years, these topics had not traditionally been the focus of empirical research. As a result, very little was known about how couples maintained happiness and satisfaction in their relationships, or how relationships deteriorated, ultimately ending in separation or divorce. However, since the early 1980s, relationships research has blossomed as a field – and is now one of the most vibrant topics in social psychology and beyond.

This volume brings together the latest research on couple functioning from the perspectives of social and personality psychology, neurobiology, health, and clinical psychology. Additionally, the research presented highlights the use of survey, experimental, implicit, and longitudinal methods, as well as specialized techniques employed in neuroscience, psychophysiology, and psychoneuroimmunology in the study of couple level processes. The underlying aim of this volume is to examine how these theories and methods converge to provide a deeper, holistic model of couples’ processes and functioning.

With its state-of-the-art, integrative overview of this exciting discipline, The Science of the Couple is essential reading for social psychologists, clinicians, and anyone with an interest in the dynamics of interpersonal relationships.

chapter |15 pages

Modeling Dyadic Processes

ByLorne Campbell, Harris Rubin

chapter |23 pages

Attachment Anxiety and Motivational Patterns in Close Relationships

ByPhillip R. Shaver, Mario Mikulincer

chapter |17 pages

Outsourcing Effort to Close Others

ByGráinne M. Fitzsimons, Eli J. Finkel

chapter |13 pages

Social Baseline Theory and the Social Regulation of Emotion

ByLane Beckes, James A. Coan

chapter |23 pages

Attachment, Commitment, and Relationship Maintenance

When Partners Really Matter
BySiSi Tran, Jeffry A. Simpson

chapter |22 pages


The Why of Relationship Commitment
ByJohn E. Lydon, Lisa Linardatos

chapter |28 pages

Motivating Commitment

The Power of a Smart Relationship Unconscious
BySandra L. Murray, Rebecca T. Pinkus

chapter |16 pages

Eustress in Romantic Relationships

ByTimothy J. Loving, Brittany L. Wright

chapter |21 pages

Matters of the Heart

Couples' Adjustment to Life Following a Health Crisis 1
ByJennifer G. La Guardia

chapter |23 pages

Marital Dissolution and Physical Health Outcomes

A Review of Mechanisms 1
ByDavid A. Sbarra

chapter |23 pages

The Future of Relationship Science

ByJohn G. Holmes