This edited volume presents and reflects upon empirical evidence of ‘sustainability’-induced and -related transition in food practices. The material collected in the various chapters contributes to our understanding of the ways in which ideas and preferences, sociotechnological developments and changes in the governance of food interact and become visible in practices of consumption, retail and production.

chapter 1|32 pages

Sustainability Transitions in Food Consumption, Retail and Production

ByGert Spaargaren, Peter Oosterveer, Anne Loeber

part I|95 pages

Transitions In Consumer Practices

chapter 2|25 pages

Changing Governments, Kitchens, Supermarkets, Firms and Farms

The Governance of Transitions Between Societal Practices and Supply Systems
ByJohn Grin

chapter 3|26 pages

Healthy, Safe and Sustainable

Consumers and the Public Debate on Food in Europe and the Netherlands Since 1945
ByAnneke H. van Otterloo

chapter 4|21 pages

Beyond the Industrial Paradigm?

Consumers and Trust in Food
ByUnni Kjærnes, Hanne Torjusen

chapter 5|22 pages

Political Consumerism and the Transition Towards a More Sustainable Food Regime

Looking Behind and Beyond the Organic Shelf
ByMikael Klintman, Magnus Boström

part II|75 pages

Transitions In Retail

chapter 6|22 pages

Green Consumption Practices and Emerging Sustainable Food Regimes

The Role of Consumers
ByPeter Oosterveer, Gert Spaargaren

chapter 7|24 pages

Restructuring Food Supply

Sustainability and Supermarkets
ByPeter Oosterveer

chapter 8|28 pages

The Role of Regime Actors in Sustainability Transitions

An Application of the MLP Methodology in the Dutch Food Sector
ByMariëtte van Amstel, Suzanne van der Pijll, Gert Spaargaren

part III|133 pages

Transitions In Production Practices

chapter 9|22 pages

Reshaping the Foodscape

The Role of Alternative Food Networks
ByDirk Roep, Johannes S. C. Wiskerke

chapter 10|28 pages

Reflexive Design for Sustainable Animal Husbandry

Mediating Between Niche and Regime1
ByA. P. (Bram) Bos, Sierk F. Spoelstra, Peter W. G. Groot Koerkamp, Karel H. de Greef, Onno N. M. van Eijk

chapter 11|34 pages

Out of the Factory and Into the Fish Pond

Can Certification Transform Vietnamese Pangasius?
BySimon R. Bush, Ben Belton

chapter 12|21 pages

Food Systems Under Pressure

Regulatory Instabilities and the Challenge of Sustainable Development
ByTerry Marsden

chapter 13|27 pages

Food Futures in the Making

ByGert Spaargaren, Anne Loeber, Peter Oosterveer