Comprising original empirical studies of career-making in the creative sector, this book takes in theatre, music, film, TV, visual arts, fashion design, and architecture as creative industries. This format facilitates comparative analysis of central features of career-making within as well as across both specific industries and national contexts.

The book is at the forefront and intersection of contemporary career research and research on work in creative industries / the cultural economy, intertwining both subjective and objective approaches to and dimensions of career. The contributors move beyond the dichotomies that have characterized recent career theory and work on creative industries to examine factors that facilitate and restrict horizontal and vertical mobility.

Spanning a diverse range of case studies, from German theatre to Danish fashion, this book is a valuable reference for scholars of the creative and cultural industries and important reading for thoser interested in careers more generally.

part I|65 pages


chapter 1|33 pages

Careers in Creative Industries

An Analytic Overview
ByChris Mathieu

chapter 2|30 pages

Creative Labor

Who Are They? What Do They Do? Where Do They Work? A Discussion Based on a Quantitative Study from Denmark
ByTrine Bille

part II|81 pages

Theatre, Television, and Film

chapter 3|19 pages

Behind the Scenes of Boundarylessness

Careers in German Theatre
ByDoris Ruth Eikhof, Axel Haunschild, Franziska Schößler

chapter 4|19 pages

Tournament Careers

Working in UK Television
ByDimitrinka Stoyanova, Irena Grugulis

chapter 5|21 pages

Oscar et César

Deep Consecration in French and American Film Acting Careers
ByAnne E. Lincoln, Michael P. Allen

chapter 6|20 pages

Central Collaborative Relationships in Career-Making

ByChris Mathieu, Iben Sandal Stjerne

part III|33 pages


chapter 7|12 pages

Frank Lloyd Wright's Artistic Reputation

The Role of Networks and Creativity
ByCandace Jones

chapter 8|19 pages

Reputation-Building in the French Architecture Field

ByAmélie Boutinot

part IV|51 pages


chapter 9|25 pages

Transnational Careers in the Virtuoso World

ByIzabela Wagner

chapter 10|24 pages

Composing a Career

The Situation of Living Composers in the Repertoires of US Orchestras, 2005–2006
ByTimothy J. Dowd, Kevin J. Kelly

part V|54 pages

Visual Arts and Fashion Design

chapter 11|17 pages

Unpacking Unsuccess

Sociocognitive Barriers to Objective Career Success for French Outsider Artists
ByJean Pralong, Anne Gombault, Françoise Liot, Jean-Yves Agard, Catherine Morel

chapter 12|16 pages

Education and Becoming an Artist

Experiences from Singapore
ByCan-Seng Ooi

chapter 13|19 pages

‘It Was a Huge Shock'

Fashion Designers' Transition from School to Work in Denmark, 1980s–2000s
ByLise Skov