Dramatherapy with Children, Young People and Schools is the first book to specifically evaluate the unique value of dramatherapy in the educational environment. A variety of highly experienced dramatherapists, educational psychologists and childhood experts discuss the benefits to the children and young people, and also in relation to the involvement of teachers, the multi-disciplinary team and families. This professional book offers a panoramic view to explain how through dramatherapy children and young people develop their communication skills, sociability and their actual desire to learn.

Detailed case studies demonstrate individual successes in youngsters experiencing a range of emotional difficulties and psychological needs. These studies include: conquering a fear of maths; violent behaviour transformed into educational achievement; safe expression of feelings for a sexually abused child; and where children are diagnosed with mental health disorders such as ADHD and ODD, where the benefits of dramatherapy with children and families are carefully described and evaluated, suggesting that this therapeutic discipline can achieve positive outcomes.

The practical advice and inspirational results included here promote a future direction of integration and collaboration of school staff, multi-disciplinary teams and families. Education and equality are high on the agenda, and the function of dramatherapy is not just as a treatment, but as an economically viable and valuable preventive therapy.

part I|47 pages


chapter 1|14 pages

The role and relevance of dramatherapy in schools today

ByLauraine Leigh, Ann Dix, Ditty Dokter, Deborah Haythorne

part II|77 pages

Case studies

chapter 5|8 pages

Whizzing and whirring: dramatherapy and ADHD

ByAnn Dix

chapter 6|12 pages

Fear, maths, brief dramatherapy and neuroscience

ByDeborah E. Shine

chapter 11|11 pages

Education, the Playground Project and elements of psychodrama

ByGeoffrey Court, Jeff Higley, Olivia Lousada

part III|55 pages

Collaborative partnerships in schools and beyond

chapter 14|9 pages

Staff sharing: an integrative approach to peer supervision

ByCatherine Kelly, Talya Bruck

chapter 18|10 pages

The charity Roundabout: one model of providing dramatherapy in schools

ByDeborah Haythorne

part IV|31 pages

Evidence and outcomes

chapter 19|10 pages

Roundabout and the development of PSYCHLOPS Kids evaluation

ByDeborah Haythorne, Susan Crockford, Emma Godfrey

chapter 21|8 pages

Research by the British Association of Dramatherapists and literature review

ByMadeline Andersen-Warren

part V|51 pages

Future possibilities

chapter 22|10 pages

Educational psychology, listening to children and dramatherapy

ByIrvine Gersch

chapter 23|12 pages

A model of emotional support in primary schools

ByBrenda Meldrum

chapter 24|13 pages

Holding the family in the heart of school

ByLauraine Leigh

chapter 25|9 pages

Future possibilities

ByRex Haigh

chapter 26|2 pages


ByIrvine Gersch

chapter 27|3 pages

Some useful addresses and websites

ByDeborah Haythorne