The first collection of the key works of the major curriculum studies scholar William E. Doll, Jr., this volume provides an overview of his scholarship over his fifty-year career and documents the theoretical and practical contribution he has made to the field . The book is organized in five thematic sections: Personal Reflections; Dewey, Piaget, Bruner, Whitehead: Process And Transformation; Modern/Post-Modern: Structures, Forms and Organization; Complexity Thinking; and Reflections on Teaching .

The complicated intellectual trajectory through pragmatism, postmodernism and complexity theory not only testifies to Doll’s individual lifetime works but is also intimately related to the landscape of education to which he has made an important contribution. Of interest to curriculum scholars around the world, the book will hold special significance for graduate students and junior scholars who came of the age in the field Doll helped create: one crafted by postmodernism and, more recently, complexity theory.

chapter 1|10 pages


ByWilliam F. Pinar

part Part I|34 pages

Personal Reflections

chapter 2|10 pages

A Path Stumbled Upon

ByDonna Trueit

chapter 3|10 pages

Looking Back To The Future

A Recursive Retrospective (2008)
ByDonna Trueit

chapter 4|10 pages

Struggles With Spirituality

ByDonna Trueit

chapter 5|2 pages

Memory of a Mentor

John Steven Mann (2009)
ByDonna Trueit

part Part 2|79 pages

Dewey, Piaget, Bruner, Whitehead

chapter 6|17 pages

A Methodology Of Experience, Part I

ByDonna Trueit

chapter 7|15 pages

Developing Competence

ByDonna Trueit

chapter 8|17 pages

Beyond Methods

ByDonna Trueit

chapter 9|2 pages

Crafting an Experience

ByDonna Trueit

chapter 10|3 pages

Piagetian Thought

ByDonna Trueit

chapter 11|8 pages

Modes of Thought

ByDonna Trueit

chapter 12|9 pages

Keeping Knowledge Alive

ByDonna Trueit

chapter 13|4 pages

Response to Proulx

Maturana Is Not A Constructivist—Nor Is Piaget (2008)
ByDonna Trueit

part Part 3|36 pages


chapter 14|7 pages


ByDonna Trueit

chapter 15|10 pages


A New Sense Of Order (1986)
ByDonna Trueit

chapter 16|9 pages

Post-Modernism's Utopian Vision

ByDonna Trueit

chapter 17|8 pages

Structures of the Post-Modern

ByDonna Trueit

part Part 4|28 pages

Complexity Thinking

chapter 18|6 pages

Recursions on Complexity

ByDonna Trueit

chapter 19|3 pages


ByDonna Trueit

chapter 20|17 pages

Thinking Complexly

ByDonna Trueit

part Part 5|55 pages

Reflections on Teaching

chapter 21|5 pages

The Educational Need to Re-Invent the Wheel

ByDonna Trueit

chapter 22|9 pages

Complexity in the Classroom

ByDonna Trueit

chapter 23|15 pages

Reflections on Teaching

Developing The Non-Linear (1999)
ByDonna Trueit

chapter 24|6 pages

Classroom Management

ByDonna Trueit

chapter 25|4 pages

Looking Forward

ByDonna Trueit

chapter |12 pages

Da Xia Lecture

The Wisdom Of John Dewey (2011)
ByDonna Trueit