This book examines the transformations of rural society and economy in the UK and US during the last half-century, and explores the significance of these trends and changes for community sustainability, quality of life and the environment. While both the UK and US are highly urbanised, rural people and communities continue to contribute to national identity, economic development and social solidarity, as well as to environmental quality. Contributors explore the degree to which rural people exhibit agency and autonomy, rather than being merely passive in the face of exogenous forces of change in a globalised world. They also illuminate very different policy approaches to rural policy in two advanced capitalist societies often thought to be similar, and show how fundamental differences in rural policy approaches of the US and the UK are based on different social ideologies and values that shape policies relating to rural areas. This book will help to stimulate transatlantic dialogue on rural scholarship and rural policy analysis, while also contributing to theory and policy development. It will be of interest to researchers, students and everyone involved in the policy and practice of rural development.

part I|35 pages


chapter 1|15 pages

Rural Transformations

Conceptual and Policy Issues
BySally Shortall, Mildred E. Warner

chapter 2|18 pages

The Agency of Rural Research in Comparative Context

ByPhilip Lowe

part II|140 pages

Socio-Economic Change

chapter 3|19 pages

Migration and Urban–Rural Population Redistribution in the UK and US

ByTony Champion, David L. Brown

chapter 4|21 pages

Demographic Ageing in Rural Areas

Insights from the UK and US
ByLorna Philip, David L. Brown, Aileen Stockdale

chapter 5|21 pages

Conceptualizing Contemporary Immigrant Integration in the Rural United States and United Kingdom

ByPhilomena de Lima, Pilar A. Parra, Max J. Pfeffer

chapter 6|17 pages

Rural Poverty and Social Exclusion in the United States and the United Kingdom

ByMark Shucksmith, Kai Schafft

chapter 7|21 pages

Rural Economic Transformations in the UK and US

ByJane Atterton, John Bryden, Thomas G. Johnson

chapter 8|18 pages

Entrepreneurial Behaviour among Rural In-Migrants

ByGary Bosworth, Nina Glasgow

chapter 9|21 pages

Local Food Systems and Networks in the US and the UK

Community Development Considerations for Rural Areas
ByClare Hinrichs, Liz Charles

part III|130 pages


chapter 10|17 pages

Policy Affecting Rural People, Economies and Communities

ByJohn Bryden, Mildred E. Warner

chapter 11|20 pages

The Evolution of Agriculture and Agricultural Policy in the UK and US

ByKathryn Brasier, Jill L. Findeis, Carmen Hubbard, Lionel Hubbard, Rodrigo Salcedo Du Bois

chapter 12|17 pages

Agri-Environmental Policy, Rural Environments and Forks in the Road

A Comparative Analysis of the US and the UK
ByClive Potter, Steven Wolf

chapter 13|20 pages

Nature Conservation and Environmental Management

Working Landscapes in Adirondack Park, US, and Cairngorms National Park, UK
ByJo Vergunst, Charles Geisler, Richard Stedman

chapter 14|16 pages

Regionalism and Rural Policy

BySally Hewitt, Nicola Thompson

chapter 15|18 pages

Rural Governance

Participation, Power and Possibilities for Action
ByMegan G. Swindal, Ruth McAreavey

chapter 16|17 pages

Constructing the Rural–Urban Interface

Place Still Matters in a Highly Mobile Society
ByMark Shucksmith, David L. Brown, Jo Vergunst

chapter |3 pages

An nex

The Statistical Measurement of Urban and Rural Residence in the UK and US
ByTony Champion, David L. Brown