Women’s studies programs and departments face ongoing fall-out from an economic crisis in higher education. Taking the form of budget-cuts, reduction of faculty lines and other resource allocations, for some programs and departments it has meant at best, a loss of disciplinary autonomy through consolidation, and at worst, academic foreclosure. Feminist Solidarity at the Crossroads articulates a politics of commitment, hope, and possibility wrought in the coming-together of a group of feminist women and men—across racial, cultural, nation/state, sexual, and gender differences—during a tough budgetary time threatening Women’s Studies programs across the nation. This anthology affirms the continued necessity of bridge-building alliances in women’s studies and contemplates with promise the theory and practice of feminist solidarity forged through the course of its production. While the essays in this book display a complex diversity of feminist thought and modes of intersectional strategies, they reflect a unity of comradery and a spirit of collectivity so necessary for these turbulent times.

chapter |16 pages


“If I Call You, Will You Come?” from Public Lectures to Testament for Feminist Solidarity
ByKim Marie Vaz, Gary L. Lemons

part |40 pages

Women's Studies at the Intersection of the Margins, Once Again

chapter |13 pages

Resegregating Women's Studies

“‘Racial Aliteracy'—white Appropriation of Black Presences” Revisited
ByKim Marie Vaz

chapter |13 pages

Resisting Erasure

An anti-Sexist and anti-Racist Response to the Decline of Institutional Support for Women's Studies
ByJulie DuMois-Sands, Kim Marie Vaz

chapter |12 pages

Keep on Keepin' On

Multicultural Women's Studies and the New Managerialism
ByBarbara Scott Winkler

part |37 pages

Embodying Theory, Intersectional Herstories

part |52 pages

From “heart to Heart”

chapter |7 pages

Heart to Heart

Teaching with Love 1
Bybell hooks

chapter |15 pages

“Brothers of the Soul”

Men Learning about and Teaching in the Spirit of Feminist Solidarity
ByGary L. Lemons, Scott Neumeister

chapter |13 pages

“Making Our Roads by Walking”

Using Feminist Theory and Practices in Labor Studies Teaching 1
ByM. Thandabantu Iverson

chapter |15 pages

A Eulogy for Black Women's Studies?

ByL. H. Stallings

part |55 pages

At the Crossroads of Feminist Solidarity

chapter |15 pages

Black Feminist Masculinities

Turning Points and Intersections
ByAaronette White

chapter |16 pages

“Women's Studies Is Not My Home?”

When Personal and Political Professions Become Acts of Emancipatory Confession
ByGary L. Lemons

chapter |20 pages

Anti-Racist Interventions in the Academy

Toward a Feminist Politics of Relation and Accountability
ByAimee Carrillo Rowe, Ann Russo

part |25 pages

Practicing anti-Domination Politics

chapter |15 pages

“Making Face, Making Soul”

Spiritual Activism as Social Transformation
ByAnaLouise Keating

chapter |8 pages

Against the Politics of Compensatory Domination

Christine (Cricket) Keating
ByKim Marie Vaz, Gary L. Lemons