Intellectual history and early modern history have always occupied an important place in Past and Present. First published in 1974, this volume is a collection of original articles and debates, published in the journal between 1953 and May 1973, dealing with many aspects of the intellectual history of the seventeenth century. Several of the contributions have been extremely influential, and the debates represent major standpoints in controversies over genesis of modern ideas.

Although England is the focus of attention for most of the contributors, their themes have wider significance. Among the topics covered in the collection are the political thought of the Levellers and of James Harrington; radical social movements of the Puritan Revolution; the ideological context of physiological theories associated with William Harvey; the relationship between science and religion and the social relations of science; and the function of millenariansim and eschatology in the seventeenth century. The editor’s Introduction indicates the context in which the articles were composed and provides valuable bibliographical information about the subjects discussed.

chapter |22 pages


ByCharles Webster

chapter |31 pages

Harrington's ‘Opportunity State'*

ByC. B. Macpherson

chapter |8 pages

Harrington, A Realist?*

ByJohn F. H. New

chapter |5 pages

Harrington As Realist

A Rejoinder*
ByC. B. Macpherson

chapter |3 pages

The Meaning of Harrington's Agrarian*

ByJohn F. H. New

chapter |9 pages

The Levellers and Democracy*

ByJ. C. Davis

chapter |22 pages

Reconsidering the Levellers

The Evidence of the Moderate *
ByRoger Howell, David E. Brewster

chapter |8 pages

Gentlemen Levellers?*

ByG. E. Aylmer

chapter |15 pages

Englands Spirit Unfoulded, or an Incouragement to Take the Engagement

A Newly Discovered Pamphlet By Gerrard Winstanley*
ByG. E. Aylmer

chapter |14 pages

Another Digger Broadside*

ByKeith Thomas

chapter |18 pages

Civil Polity of Peter Paxton*

ByJ. A. W. Gunn

chapter |22 pages

William Harvey and the Idea of Monarchy*

ByChristopher Hill

chapter |7 pages

William Harvey

A Royalist and No Parliamentarian*
ByGweneth Whitteridge

chapter |11 pages

Puritanism, Capitalism and the Scientific Revolution*

ByChristopher Hill

chapter |8 pages

Puritanism and Science

Problems of Definition*
ByH. F. Kearney

chapter |18 pages

Religion and the Rise of Modern Science*

ByTheodore K. Rabb

chapter |30 pages

Civil War Politics, Religion and the Royal Society*

ByLotte Mulligan

chapter |22 pages

The Decline and Fall of Restoration Science*

ByMargaret Espinasse

chapter |17 pages

The Authorship and Significance of Macaria*

ByCharles Webster

chapter |13 pages

Godly Rule and English Millenarianism*

ByBernard Capp

chapter |28 pages

Richard Baxter, the Apocalypse and the Mad Major*

ByWilliam Lamont

chapter |8 pages

The Millennium and Eschatology in England*

ByBernard Capp