This volume looks at the living and working conditions of street vendors in different cities of the world. It examines the legal guidelines regarding control of public space and the rights of the working poor to earn their livelihood, and the civic authorities' constant regulation of this space.

chapter 1|19 pages


BySharit K. Bhowmik

chapter 2|26 pages

Street Vendors in Asia: Survey of Research

BySharit K. Bhowmik

chapter 3|23 pages

Street Vending in Delhi

BySanjay Kumar, Sharit K. Bhowmik

chapter 5|33 pages

Integrating Street Vendors in City Planning: The Case of Vadodara

ByShreya Dalwadi

chapter 6|24 pages

Street Vendors in Phnom Penh, Cambodia *

ByKyoko Kusakabe

chapter 7|40 pages

Street Food Vending in Bangkok *

ByNarumol Nirathron

chapter 8|24 pages

Street Trading Trends in Africa: A Critical Review *

ByCaroline Skinner

chapter 10|15 pages

Governance of Street Trade in Caracas, Venezuela

ByMaria Fernanda Garcia Rincon

chapter 11|19 pages

Clandestine Geometries: Mapping Street Vending in Downtown Sao Paulo

ByLuciana Itikawa