This volume gathers scholars from around the world in a comparative approach to the various educational struggles of people of African descent, advancing the search for solutions and bringing to light new facets of the experiences of black people in the era of globalization.

part Part I|24 pages

Overview of the African Diaspora Educational Experience

chapter 1|10 pages

Historical Overview of Black Populations in the Diaspora

A Review of Their Educational Challenges
ByKassie Freeman

chapter 2|12 pages

Defending Self Worth

A Hidden Talent of Children of the African Diaspora
ByJillian C. Ford, Kamau Bobb

part Part II|157 pages

Educational Challenges and Perspectives

chapter 3|21 pages

Race, Nation, and Schooling in Esmeraldas, Ecuador

ByEthan Johnson

chapter 6|7 pages

Education and Black People in Portugal

ByKa Fernando

chapter 8|24 pages

Challenging Swedish Exceptionalism?

Teaching While Black
ByYlva Habel

chapter 9|13 pages

Education of the African Diaspora in Germany

ByJohn Long

chapter 12|19 pages

Structured Partialities

The African Educational Experience in Ireland
ByLarissa Malone

part Part IV|10 pages


chapter 13|8 pages

Concluding Thoughts

ByKassie Freeman, Ethan Johnson