Little of what we know about prison comes from the mouths of prisoners, and very few academic accounts of prison life manage to convey some of its most profound and important features: its daily pressures and frustrations, the culture of the wings and landings, and the relationships which shape the everyday experience of being imprisoned.

The Prisoner aims to redress this by foregrounding prisoners’ own accounts of prison life in what is an original and penetrating edited collection. Each of its chapters explores a particular prisoner sub-group or an important aspect of prisoners’ lives, and each is divided into two sections: extended extracts from interviews with prisoners, followed by academic commentary and analysis written by a leading scholar or practitioner. This structure allows prisoners’ voices to speak for themselves, while situating what they say in a wider discussion of research, policy and practice. The result is a rich and evocative portrayal of the lived reality of imprisonment and a poignant insight into prisoners’ lives.

The book aims to bring to life key penological issues and to provide an accessible text for anyone interested in prisons, including students, practitioners and a general audience. It seeks to represent and humanize a group which is often silent in discussions of imprisonment, and to shine a light on a world which is generally hidden from view.

chapter |12 pages

Prisoner backgrounds and biographies

ByJamie Bennett

chapter |13 pages

Prison culture and the prisoner society

ByBen Crewe

chapter |13 pages

Identity and adaptation in prison

ByYvonne Jewkes

chapter |14 pages

Vulnerability, struggling and coping in prison

ByAlison Liebling

chapter |12 pages

Prisoners and their families

ByRachel Condry

chapter |13 pages

Children and young people in custody

ByRod Morgan

chapter |11 pages

Ageing prisoners

ByNatalie Mann

chapter |14 pages

Women prisoners

ByAbigail Rowe

chapter |14 pages

Cultural diversity, ethnicity and race relations in prison

ByCoretta Phillips, Rod Earle

chapter |11 pages

Rehabilitation, generativity and mutual aid

BySteve Barlow, Shadd Maruna

chapter |7 pages


ByJason Warr