We live in a "museum age," and sport museums are part of this phenomenon. In this book, leading international sport history scholars examine sport museums including renowned institutions like the Olympic Museum in the Swiss city of Lausanne, the Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum in Baltimore, the Marylebone Cricket Club Museum in London, the Croke Park Museum in Dublin, and the Whyte Museum in Banff. These institutions are examined in a broad context of understanding sport museums as an identifiable genre in the "museum age", and more specifically in terms of how the sporting past is represented in these museums. Historians explain, debate and critique sport museums with the intention of understanding how this important form of public history represents sport for audiences who see museums as institutions that are inherently reliable and trustworthy.

chapter |26 pages


Historians in Sport Museums
ByMurray G. Phillips

part I|61 pages

Making Meaning

chapter 1|20 pages

A Racehorse in the Museum

Phar Lap and the New Museology
ByMark O'Neill, Gary Osmond

chapter 2|17 pages

‘Beyond Sport Heroes' Celebration

On the Use of Sportswear for Sport History
ByThierry Terret

chapter 3|23 pages

Not So Much a Sport Museum

The Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies
ByDouglas A. Brown

part II|51 pages

Corporate Museums

chapter 4|16 pages

Croke Park

Museum, Stadium and Shrine for the Nation
ByMike Cronin

chapter 5|23 pages

Le Musée Olympique

Epicentre of Olympic Evangelism
ByDaryl Adair

chapter 6|11 pages

Renamed, Refurbished and Reconstructionist

Comparisons and Contrasts in Four London Sports Museums
ByWray Vamplew

part III|117 pages


chapter 7|33 pages

The Hall, Wall and Page of Fame

ByColin Tatz

chapter 8|28 pages

Looking for the ‘Marvellous' in Baltimore

A Sport History Sojourn
ByDaniel A. Nathan

chapter 9|27 pages

Bondi Park

Making, Practicing and Performing a Museum
ByDouglas Booth

chapter 10|18 pages

Lest We Forget

Public History and Racial Segregation in Baltimore's Druid Hill Park
ByJaime Schultz

chapter 11|10 pages


ByMurray G. Phillips