Globally, Early Years policies and documents have set out aspirational outcomes and benefits for children, their families and the wider society. These policies have emphasised the place of early childhood provision within the wider global agenda, by tackling inequality and disadvantage early on in children’s lives. However, these strategies have also raised further debates regarding the way they have informed and shaped curricula frameworks and pedagogical approaches.

The international team of contributors to this book argue that if these issues are not explicitly acknowledged, understood, critiqued and negotiated, emerging policies and documents may potentially lead to disadvantaging, marginalising and even pathologising certain childhoods.

Divided into two parts, the volume demonstrates the dialectic nature of both policy and practice. The chapters in this wide-ranging text:

  • explore and articulate the philosophical premises and values that underpin current early childhood policy, curricula and pedagogies
  • explicitly acknowledge and articulate some of potential conflicts and challenges they present
  • provide examples of divergent and creative pedagogical thinking
  • highlight opportunities for enabling pedagogical cultures and encounters.

Debates on Early Childhood Policies and Practices is aimed at a wide readership including academics and researchers in early years education, policy makers, undergraduate and postgraduate students, practitioners and early childhood professionals.

chapter |14 pages


Early childhood policies and practices
ByTheodora Papatheodorou

part |106 pages

Early childhood policies: implications for provision and practice

chapter |10 pages

Balancing Traditions and Transitions

Early childhood policy initiatives and issues in Germany
ByPamela Oberhuemer

chapter |11 pages

Piracy in Policy

Children influencing early childhood curriculum in Norway
ByElin Eriksen Ødegaard

chapter |13 pages

Developments in Pre-School Education in Bulgaria

Achievements and challenges
ByRozalina Engels-Kritidis

chapter |11 pages

Early Childhood Care and Education in Uzbekistan

ByCarol Aubrey

chapter |11 pages

Early Childhood Education in the Philippines

Administration and teaching practices
ByPercyveranda A. Lubrica, Chul Woo Lee, Evelyn Angiwan

chapter |12 pages

Early Childhood Policies and Practices in Nigeria

ByMonica Odinko

chapter |10 pages

A Pedagogy for Educating ‘New Professionals'

An English perspective
BySue Callan, Michael Reed, Sharon Smith

chapter |16 pages

The Early Childhood Pedagogical Dilemma in Ireland

ByFlorence Dinneen

part |95 pages

Early childhood practice: enabling pedagogical cultures and encounters

chapter |13 pages

The Japanese and Western Views of Nature

Beyond cultural incommensurability
ByManabu Sumida

chapter |11 pages

Working Theories and Learning Dispositions in Early Childhood Education

Perspectives from New Zealand
BySally Peters, Keryn Davis

chapter |13 pages

Early Childhood Inclusion Initiatives in Greece

ByAthina Kammenou

chapter |11 pages

Promoting Emotional Well-Being or Mental Health in England?

What's the difference?
ByAnita Soni

chapter |10 pages

Engaging ‘Hard-to-Reach' Families

A view from the literature
ByGill Boag-Munroe

chapter |10 pages


Reading the early years environment
ByJan Georgeson, Gill Boag-Munroe

chapter |3 pages


ByTheodora Papatheodorou