Transforming Social Work Practice shows that postmodern theory offers new strategies for social workers concerned with political action and social justice. It explores ways of developing practice frameworks, paradigms and principles which take advantage of the perspectives offered by postmodern theory without totally abandoning the values of modernity and the Enlightenment project of human emancipation. Case studies demonstrate how these perspectives can be applied to practice.

part |32 pages

Deconstructing the professional and organisational context of social work

part |58 pages

Dealing with diversity and difference

chapter |13 pages

Social work ethics: Embracing diversity?

ByLinda Briskman, Carolyn Noble

part |46 pages

Rethinking critical practice

chapter |20 pages

Power and activist social work

ByKaren Healy

chapter |9 pages

Empowerment: The modernist social work concept par excellence

BySteve Parker, Jan Fook, Bob Pease

part |50 pages

Reconstructing social work education

part |21 pages

Critically interrogating the postmodern

chapter |6 pages

Emancipatory social work for a postmodern age

ByJan Fook, Bob Pease