This book critically evaluates the transnational communities approach to contemporary international migration. It does so through a specific focus on the relationship between 'transnational communities' and 'home'. The meaning of 'home' for international migrants is changing and evolving, as new globally-oriented identities are developed. These issues are explored through a number of central themes: the meaning of 'home' to transnational peoples, the implications of transforming these social spaces and how these have been transformed.

chapter |14 pages

Transnationalism, International Migration and Home

ByNadje Al-Ali, Khalid Koser

part |69 pages

Transnational Communities and the Meaning of ‘Home'

chapter |17 pages

Homes in Crisis

Syrian Orthodox Christians in Turkey and Germany
ByHeidi Armbruster

chapter |17 pages

Sudanese Identity in Diaspora and the Meaning of Home

The Transformative Role of Sudanese NGOs in Cairo
ByAnita Häusermann Fábos

chapter |17 pages

Shifting Meanings of ‘Home'

Consumption and Identity in Moroccan Women's Transnational Practices between Italy and Morocco
ByRuba Salih

chapter |16 pages

Senegal is our Home

The Anchored Nature of Senegalese Transnational Networks
ByBruno Riccio

part |68 pages

The Implications of Transforming Homes for Transnational Communities

chapter |9 pages

The Meaning of Homeland for the Palestinian Diaspora

Revival and Transformation
ByMohamed Kamel Dorai

chapter |22 pages

Trans- or a-National?

Bosnian Refugees in the UK and the Netherlands
ByNadje Al-Ali

chapter |20 pages

Homeland Lost and Gained

Croatian Diaspora and Refugees in Sweden
ByMaja Povrzanović Frykman

chapter |15 pages

From Refugees to Transnational Communities?

ByKhalid Koser

part |71 pages

Transnational Communities and the Transformation of Home

chapter |14 pages

Mobilizing for the Transformation of Home

Politicized Identities and Transnational Practices
ByFiona B. Adamson

chapter |17 pages

The Kashmiri Diaspora

Influences in Kashmir
ByPatricia Ellis, Zafar Khan

chapter |16 pages

Working for a Solution through Europe

Kurdish Political Lobbying in Germany
ByEva Østergaard-Nielsen

chapter |22 pages

Sustaining Societies under Strain

Remittances as a Form of Transnational Exchange in Sri Lanka and Ghana
ByNicholas Van Hear