How will sport keep pace with current scientific and biological advances?
Is the possibility of the 'bionic athlete' that far away and is this notion as bad as it might first appear?
Is our fascination with sport winners fascistoid? Questions such as these and many others are posed and examined by the contributors to this volume. Some are sceptical of future developments in sport and demand radical reforms to halt progress, others are more optimistic and propose that sport should adapt to new advances just as other realms of the cultural sphere have to.
Some of the topics examined here, such as the genetic engineering of athletes, and the significance of the public's fascination with sport winners, are being discussed for the first time, whilst others such as sex segregation, nationalism and doping are being revisited and reintroduced onto the agenda after a period of suggestive silence.
This book provides the reader with a deep insight into the moral and ethical value we place on sport in today's society. Challenging and demanding, its contributors urge us to think again about current sports practices and the future of sport as a cultural phenomenon.

chapter |8 pages


chapter 1|15 pages

Is it fascistoid to admire sports heroes?

ByTorbjörn Tännsjö

chapter 2|15 pages

Sports, fascism and the market CLAUDIO M . TA MBURRINI

ByClaudio M. Tamburrini

chapter 4|15 pages

Sports as the moral discourse of nations

ByWilliam J. Morgan

chapter 5|13 pages

A justification of moderate patriotism in sport

ByNicholas Dixon

chapter 6|14 pages

Patriotism in sports and in war

ByPaul Gomberg

chapter 7|15 pages

Against sexual discrimination in sports

ByTorbjörn Tännsjö

chapter 8|7 pages

Gender verification in competitive sport: turning from research to action BERIT SKIRS TA D

Turning from research to action
ByBerit Skirstad

chapter 9|18 pages

On the definition of ‘woman’ in the sport context

ByAngela J. Schneider

chapter 10|16 pages

Against chance

A causal theory of winning in sport
ByGunnar Breivik

chapter 11|15 pages

Justice and game advantage in sporting games

BySigmund Loland

chapter 12|13 pages


An indirect reflection of sport’s moral imperative?
ByGraham McFee

chapter 13|15 pages

A philosophical overview of the arguments on banning doping in sport

ByAngela J. Schneider, Robert B. Butcher

chapter 14|17 pages

What’s wrong with doping?

ByClaudio M. Tamburrini

chapter 15|15 pages

Selected champions

Making winners in the age of genetic technology
ByChristian Munthe