Hidden Hands focuses on a specific and neglected area of contemporary child welfare; that of children's paid work and labour. This book provides the first cross-cultural examination of children's productive activities, their relationship to children's broader social lives, and their implications for the child's education, welfare and well-being. The contributors look at the situation both here and overseas. They discuss issues including conflicts between schooling, education and work in the UK, child poverty, motivating children to work, children from ethnic minorities, the work and labour of children in industrialised countries and the situation in the US, Denmark, Germany and Russia.

The growth in the study of childhood encompasses anthropology, sociology, social policy and social work, as well as education. This book will be of use in all of these areas.

chapter 1|6 pages

‘Hidden hands’

International perspectives on children’s work and labour
ByChristopher Pole, Phillip Mizen, Angela Bolton

part |2 pages

Part I Children, work and labour in modern Britain

chapter 2|15 pages

Work and education

Are they compatible for children and adolescents?
ByJim McKechnie, Sandy Hobbs

chapter 3|13 pages

Young people, poverty and part-time work

BySue Middleton, Julia Loumidis

chapter 4|18 pages

Why be a school age worker?

ByPhillip Mizen, Christopher Pole, Angela Bolton

chapter 5|15 pages

Chinese children’s work roles in immigrant adaptation

ByMiri Song

chapter 6|19 pages

Children’s labour of love?

Young carers and care work
BySaul Becker, Chris Dearden, Jo Aldridge

part |2 pages

PART II International perspectives on children’s work and labour in the industrialised world

chapter 7|17 pages

School-work, paid work and the changing obligations of childhood

ByJens Qvortrup

chapter 8|13 pages

Hidden sources of knowledge of children’s work in Norway

ByAnne Solberg

chapter 9|18 pages

Adolescent part-time employment in the United States and Germany

Diverse outcomes, contexts and pathways
ByDavid M. Hansen, Jeylan T. Mortimer

chapter 10|10 pages

Child labour in the Federal Republic of Germany HEINZ INGENHORST

ByHeinz Ingenhorst

chapter 11|18 pages

Child labour in Russia

ByValery Mansurov