Europe, America, Bush is the first study of underlying elements of continuity in the transatlantic relationship, as well as new and powerful forces for change.

It offers a definitive assessment of whether, and how much, the election of George W. Bush, the events of 11 September, and conflict over Iraq mark genuine and lasting change in transatlantic relations.

American and European experts assess transatlantic relations on matters of foreign and security policy, economic diplomacy, justice and internal security cooperation, environmental policy and relations with Russia, the Balkans and the Middle East. This is essential reading for all students with an interest in this key relationship in world affairs.


chapter |12 pages


Europe, America, Bush
ByJohn Peterson, Mark A. Pollack

chapter |16 pages

Foreign and defence policy cooperation

ByJolyon Howorth

chapter |18 pages

Trade and economic relations

ByMatthew Baldwin, John Peterson, Bruce Stokes

chapter |12 pages

Justice and internal security

ByWyn Rees

chapter |10 pages

Transatlantic environmental relations

ByDaniel Bodansky

chapter |16 pages

US and European perspectives on Russia

ByMargot Light

chapter |14 pages

The US and Europe in the Balkans

ByJohn Peterson

chapter |16 pages

The Middle East

Focus of discord?
ByCostanza Musu, William Wallace

chapter |13 pages

Unilateral America, multilateral Europe?

ByMark A. Pollack

chapter |15 pages


The end of transatlantic partnership?
ByJohn Peterson, Mark A. Pollack