Michel Foucault has had an extraordinary impact on writers in the human sciences since his first book Madness and Civilization appeared in English. This title assesses the reactions to Madness and Civilization.

chapter |16 pages


ByArthur Still, Irving Velody

part |26 pages

Reading Foucault

chapter |24 pages

Histoire de la folie

ByColin Gordon

part |121 pages


chapter |6 pages

Foucault and the psychiatric practitioner

ByPeter Barham

chapter |14 pages

Madness, medicine and the state

ByPaul Bové

chapter |4 pages

The two readings of Histoire de la folie in France

ByRobert Castel

chapter |9 pages

‘The lively sensibility of the Frenchman'

Some reflections on the place of France in Foucault's Histoire de la folie
ByJan Goldstein

chapter |8 pages

Foucault, history and madness

ByDominick LaCapra

chapter |19 pages

Foucault, ambiguity and the rhetoric of historiography

ByAllan Megill

chapter |5 pages

Reading and believing

On the reappraisal of Michel Foucault
ByH. C. Erik Midelfort

chapter |9 pages

Misunderstanding Foucault

ByGeoffrey Pearson

chapter |7 pages

Foucault's great confinement

ByRoy Porter

chapter |16 pages

Foucault, rhetoric and translation

Figures of madness
ByAnthony Pugh

chapter |8 pages

Of madness itself

Histoire de la folie and the object of psychiatric history
ByNikolas Rose

chapter |14 pages

A failure to communicate?

On the reception of Foucault's Histoire de la folie by Anglo-American historians
ByAndrew Scull

part |53 pages


chapter |18 pages

Rewriting the history of misreading

ByColin Gordon

chapter |33 pages

Michel Foucault's Madness and Civilization

A selective bibliography with critical notations
ByMark Erickson