Based on articles chosen from the sixth annual 'Social Aspects of AIDS' conference, this book focuses on up-to-date accounts of HIV/AIDS research and associated social/sexual issues.

chapter 1|12 pages

Gay Men, HIV/AIDS and Social Research: An Antipodean Perspective

ByGary Dowsett, Mark Davis, Bob Connell

chapter 2|15 pages

AIDS, the Media and Health Policy

ByVirginia Berridge

chapter 3|25 pages

‘African AIDS’: The Media and Audience Beliefs

ByJenny Kitzinger, David Miller

chapter 4|15 pages

The Politics of AIDS in Britain and Germany

ByRichard Freeman

chapter 5|9 pages

Female Prostitution and AIDS: The Realities of Social Exclusion

ByGraham Scambler, Rebecca Graham-Smith

chapter 6|8 pages

Sexual Risk among Amphetamine Misusers: Prospects for Change

ByHilary Klee

chapter 7|17 pages

HIV/AIDS Knowledge and Migrant Workers *

ByMary Haour-Knipe, Soft Ospina, François Fleury, Erwin Zimmermann

chapter 8|17 pages

The Importance of Gay Community in the Prevention of HIV Transmission: A Study of Australian Men Who Have Sex with Men*

BySusan Kippax, June Crawford, Bob Connell, Gary Dowsett, Lex Watson, Pam Rodden, Don Baxter, Rigmor Berg

chapter 9|14 pages

Alcohol Use and Unsafe Sexual Behaviour: Any Connection?

ByPeter Weatherburn and Project SIGMA

chapter 10|9 pages

On Relapse: Recidivism or Rational Response?

ByPeter Davies and Project SIGMA

chapter 11|21 pages

Pressure, Resistance, Empowerment: Young Women and the Negotiation of Safer Sex

ByJanet Holland, Caroline Ramazanoglu, Sue Scott, Sue Sharpe, Rachel Thomson

chapter 12|11 pages

The Limitations of Rational Decision-Making Models as Applied to Young People’s Sexual Behaviour

ByRoger Ingham, Alison Woodcock, Karen Stenner

chapter 13|18 pages

‘Obviously the Advice Is Then to Keep to Safer Sex’: Advice-giving and Advice reception in AIDS Counselling

ByDavid Silverman, Robert Bor, Riva Miller, Eleanor Goldman

chapter 14|10 pages

The Voluntary Sector, Gay Men and HIV/AIDS

ByKathy McCann