This work explores the diverse ways in which young people are active social agents in the production of youth culture in the digital age. It collects an international range of empirical accounts describing the ways in which young people utilize and appropriate new technology. The contributors draw on a range of theoretical perspectives including cultural studies, social anthropology and feminism.

chapter 1|18 pages

Introduction: being young in the digital age

ByJulian Sefton-Green

chapter 2|22 pages

Fun and games are serious business

ByHelen Nixon

chapter 5|20 pages

Making connections: young people and the internet

ByChris Abbott

chapter 6|20 pages

An American otaku (or, a boy’s virtual life on the net)

ByJoseph Tobin

chapter 7|19 pages

Digital culture—the view from the dance floor

ByHelen Cunningham

chapter 8|21 pages

Hackers: masters of modernity and modern technology

ByJörgen Nissen