The genus Thymus consists of about 350 species of perennial, aromatic herbs and subshrubs native to Europe and North Africa. Various types of thyme are used all over the globe as condiments, ornamentals and sources of essential oil. Thyme oil (distilled from its leaves) is among the world's top ten essential oils, displaying antibacterial, antimyco

chapter 1|43 pages

The history, botany and taxonomy of the genus Thymus

ByRamón Morales

chapter 3|50 pages

Essential oil chemistry of the genus Thymus – a global view

ByElisabeth Stahl-Biskup

chapter 4|19 pages

Essential oil polymorphism in the genus Thymus

ByFrancisco Sáez, Elisabeth Stahl-Biskup

chapter 5|33 pages

Flavonoids and further polyphenols in the genus Thymus

ByRoser Vila

chapter 6|20 pages

Field culture, in vitro culture and selection of Thymus

ByCharles Rey, Francisco Sáez

chapter 7|27 pages

Harvesting and post-harvest handling in the genus Thymus

ByPetras R. Venskutonis

chapter 8|28 pages

Thyme – processing of raw plant material

ByPetras R. Venskutonis

chapter 9|11 pages

The genus Thymus as a source of commercial products

ByBrian M. Lawrence, Arthur O. Tucker

chapter 10|30 pages

The medicinal and non-medicinal uses of thyme

ByAntonio Zarzuelo, Esperanza Crespo

chapter 11|24 pages

Thyme as a herbal drug – pharmacopoeias and other product characteristics

ByElisabeth Stahl-Biskup