Improvements in health care and quality of life in recent years have led to a marked aging of the world's population, especially in well-developed regions. In the near future, this problem will spread to developing countries. The growing need to promote the health and function of aging workers presents new challenges as well as new opportunities. <

part |2 pages

Part I General Issues and Governmental Policy

chapter 2|12 pages

Occupational Gerontology: The Science Aimed at Older Employees

ByWillem J. A. Goedhard

chapter 3|17 pages

Promotion of Work Ability during Aging

ByJuhani Ilmarinen

chapter 4|13 pages

Terminology of Aging Used in Legislation and Governmental Policy

BySeichi Horie, Takao Tsutsui

chapter 5|7 pages

Employment of the Elderly in Korea

ByKwan S. Lee, Jae H. Kim

part |2 pages

PART IIIAge-conscious Personnel Policies and Productive Aging

chapter 15|9 pages

Intergenerational Relations at Work in Sweden and the UK

ByIngrid Johansson

chapter 16|10 pages

A Work—Family Balance Approach to Research on Late Career Workers

ByMartin M. Greller, Linda K. Stroh

chapter 17|8 pages

Work Climate and the Age-Hostile Workplace

chapter 18|7 pages

Occupational Activity and Aging

BySheng Wang

part |2 pages

PART VSupport Systems for Elderly Workers

chapter 26|9 pages

The Anthropometric Data of Aging Workers in Taiwan

ByMao-Jiun J.Wang, Eric Ming-Yang Wang, and Yu-Cheng Lin

chapter 28|10 pages

A Study on the Usability of Mobile Phones for the Elderly

ByKwan Suk Lee, Bohyun Kim

chapter 29|10 pages

Ergonomics Problems in Job Redesign for Small-to-Medium Sized Factories

ByTetsuya Hasegawa, Masaharu Kumashiro