In recent years, the discussion about Israel was dominated by post-Zionist, post-Israeli opinions. Important voices that represent large sectors of Israeli society were not heard. To somewhat change this situation, some of the best scholars in their respective fields participate in this ultimate collection of essays about Israeli society, its politics and schisms. The book aims to tackle timely concerns, like Israel’s fight against terror, its relationships with the Palestinians, the mutual relationships between the civic society and the army, the status of women in society, and separation between state and religion. Particular attention is given to probing the state of human rights, minority rights, and health rights. The volume also discusses the tensions between liberalism and socialism, between state and religion, and between immigration groups, most notably resulting from the immigration from the former Soviet Union.

chapter |11 pages


ByRaphael Cohen-Almagor

part |199 pages

Rights and Schisms

chapter |25 pages

Human Rights

ByDavid Kretzmer

chapter |13 pages

Health Rights

ByCarmel Shalev

chapter |16 pages

Israel and its Arab Citizens

ByHillel Frisch

chapter |15 pages

Israel Facing Terrorism

ByAriel Merari

part |38 pages

Final Words

chapter |15 pages

Zionism Revisited

ByClaude Klein

chapter |22 pages

Israeli Democracy at the Crossroads

ByRaphael Cohen-Almagor