Matter, Materiality and Modern Culture offers a new approach to the study of contemporary objects, to give the reader a new understanding of the relationship between people and their material world. It asks how the very stuff of our world has shaped our societies by addressing a broad array of questions including:
* why do Berliners have such strange door keys?
* should the Isle of Wight pop festival be preserved?
* could aliens tell a snail shell from a waste paper basket
* why did Victorian England make so much of death and burial?

chapter |9 pages


ByPaul Graves-Brown

chapter 1|12 pages

The Berlin Key or How to do Words with Things1

ByBruno Latour

chapter 3|22 pages

Making Culture and Weaving The World

ByTim Ingold

chapter 4|25 pages

Indigenous Theories, Scientific Theories and Product Histories

ByMichael Brian Schiffer

chapter 7|25 pages

Never Mind The Relevance?: Popular culture for archaeologists

ByA.J. Schofield

chapter 8|10 pages

Always Crashing in The Same Car

ByPaul Graves-Brown