Chinese Economic Reform looks beyond the recent economic success of China. By focusing specifically on the pivotal role of the People's Liberation Army this work examines the vigorous participation of the PLA in the economy as a means of consolidating its power.
The contributors address a wide range of topics, including the PLA's business activities, military industry and conversion, and arms sales. China's relationship with the rest of the world is evaluated in the context of this situation and the implications for her defence policy outlined.

chapter 1|8 pages


ByGerald Segal, Richard H. Yang

part I|84 pages

The Impact on Internal Defence Policy

chapter 2|24 pages

The Pla and the Economy

The effects of involvement
ByEllis Joffe

chapter 3|18 pages

Corruption in the Pla

ByDavid S. G. Goodman

chapter 4|25 pages

'pla Incorporated'

Estimating China's military expenditure
ByH. Paul, B. Godwin

chapter 5|15 pages

Economic Reform and Defence Industries in China

ByArthur S. Ding

part II|95 pages

The Impact of External Defence Policy

chapter 6|16 pages

China's Arms Sales

ByFrancois Godement

chapter 7|17 pages

Defence Modernization and Sino-American Relations

ByMichael Yahuda

chapter 8|13 pages

China and East Asia

ByMasashi Nishihara

chapter 9|17 pages

Chinese Economic Reform

The impact on policy in the South China Sea*
ByMichael Leifer

chapter 10|30 pages

Arms Races and Threats across the Taiwan Strait

ByMichael D. Swaine

part III|19 pages


chapter 11|17 pages

Tying China in (and Down)

ByGerald Segal