The latest wave of European Union expansion has brought many central and Eastern European countries into the fold. Unlike previous enlargements however, the latest new members are also undergoing radical economic reform as they reintegrate into international economy.This book reviews the changing industrial architecture of the new wider Europe from

chapter 1|5 pages


ByFrancis McGowan, Slavo Radosevic

chapter 2|17 pages

Industry integration in the pan-European economy

Slavo Radosevic and Francis McGowan
ByA review of theoretical and empirical issues

chapter 3|15 pages

Network alignment in the catching-up economies of Europe

ByNick von Tunzelmann

chapter 4|19 pages

State strategy and regional integration

Francis McGowan
ByThe EU and enlargement

chapter 5|20 pages

Industrial networks in central and eastern Europe at the firm level

Slavo Radosevic and Deniz Eylem Yoruk
BySummary and overview of ten case studies

chapter 6|18 pages

Network realignment in the CEE food-processing industry

ByNick von Tunzelmann and Deniz Eylem Yoruk

chapter 10|13 pages

Foreign direct investment and indigenous industry in Ireland

ByA review of the evidence

chapter 11|17 pages

Integration of Slovenia into EU and global industrial networks

ByMatija Rojec, Andreja Jaklicˇ

chapter 12|14 pages

FDI and industrial networks in Hungary

ByJudit Hamar

chapter 13|15 pages

Industrialization and internationalization in the Spanish economy

ByJose Molero

chapter 14|16 pages

Markets and networks in Romania

Geomina Turlea and Cezar Mereuta
BySystemic unrest or life after disorganization?

chapter 15|17 pages

The integration of Poland into EU and global industrial networks

Stefan Dunin-Wasowicz, Michal Gorzynski
ByEvidence and the main challenges

chapter 16|18 pages

Network alignment and pan-European industry networks

Francis McGowan, Slavo Radosevic and
ByConclusions, contributions and policy implications