Culture pervades consumption and marketing activity in ways that potentially benefit marketing managers. This book provides a comprehensive account of cultural knowledge and skills useful in strategic marketing management.

In making these cultural concepts and frameworks accessible and in discussing how to use them, this edited textbook goes beyond the identification of historical, socio-cultural and political factors and their effects on market outcomes. It builds understanding of the cultural symbols, world views, and practices at the heart of organizations and consumer collectives to better comprehend their relationships in markets. This book highlights the benefits that managers can reap from applying interpretive cultural approaches across the realm of strategic marketing activities including: market segmentation, product and brand positioning, market research, pricing, product development, advertising, and retail distribution, among others.

With global contributions grounded in the authors’ primary research with companies such as General Motors, Camper, Prada, Mama Shelter, Kjaer Group, Hom, and the Twilight Community, this edited volume delivers a truly innovative marketing textbook. Marketing Management: A Cultural Perspective brings a timely and relevant learning resource to marketing students, lecturers, and managers across the world.

Introduction  Part 1: Global-Local Cultural Domains  1. Cultures, Consumers, and Corporations  2. International Marketing at the Interface of the Alluring Global and the Comforting Local  3. Mediterranean Shoes Conquer the World - Global Branding from Local Resources  4. Regional Affiliations: Building a Marketing Strategy on Regional Ethnicity  5. Dove in Russia: The Role of Culture in Advertising Success  6. Market Development in the African Context  7. Market Development in the Latin American Context  8. What Do Chinese Consumers Want?  Part 2: Consumer and Marketer Identity and Community Politics  9. The Relational Roles of Brands  10. Experiencing Consumption  11. Facilitating Collective Brand Engagement and Collaborative Production through Cultural Marketing  12. Tribal Marketing  13. Driving a Deeply Rooted Brand  14. Turning a Corporate Brand Upside-Down  Part 3: Researching Consumers, Marketers, and Markets  15. The Way You See is What You Get  16. Interpretive Research in Marketing  17. Research Methods For Innovative Cultural Marketing Management (CMM)  18. Action Research Methods in Consumer Culture  Part 4: Refashioning Marketing Practices  19. Segmentation and Targeting Reloaded  20. Value and Price  21. Product Design and Creativity  22. When the Diffusion of Innovation is a Cultural Evolution  23. Gendered Bodies  24. Sales Promotion  25. Second-Hand Markets  26. The Ecology of the Marketplace Experience  27. Strategic Database Marketing  Part 5: Institutional Issues in the Marketing Organization and Academy  28. (Re)thinking Distribution Strategy  29. Sustainable Development  30. Catering to Consumers or Consuming to Caterers  31. Ethics and Credit