Colonialism, Slavery, Reparations and Trade: Remedying the ‘Past’? Addresses how reparations might be obtained for the legacy of the Trans Atlantic slave trade. This collection lends weight to the argument that liability is not extinguished on the death of the plaintiffs or perpetrators. Arguing that the impact of the slave trade is continuing and therefore contemporary, it maintains that this trans-generational debt remains, and must be addressed. Bringing together leading scholars, practitioners, diplomats, and activists, Colonialism, Slavery, Reparations and Trade provides a powerful and challenging exploration of the variety of available – legal, relief-type, economic-based and multi-level – strategies, and apparent barriers, to achieving reparations for slavery.

part |74 pages

Economic-based reparations

chapter |15 pages

The trade in enslaved Africans and slavery after 1807

ByMarika Sherwood

chapter |18 pages

Learning lessons from history?

The international legal framework for combating modern slavery
BySteve Peers

chapter |19 pages


The universal periodic review and the right to development
ByRohan Kariyawasam

part |118 pages

Reparations as a legal strategy

part |51 pages


chapter |11 pages

The value of experience

What post World War II settlements teach us about reparations
ByClemens Nathan

chapter |5 pages

An interview with Clemens Nathan

ByChris Burnett

chapter |19 pages

Reparations for slavery and the transatlantic slave trade

The case for special measures
ByMarcus Goffe