This book is an up-to-date review of research and practice on the use of vegetation for slope stabilization and control of surface erosion caused by water and wind. From a basic understanding of the principles and practices of vegetation growth and establishment, it describes how vegetation can be treated as an engineering material and used to solve erosion and slope stability problems.

chapter 1|3 pages


ByR.J. Rickson, R.P.C. Morgan

chapter 2|57 pages

Engineering Properties of Vegetation

ByM.E. Styczen, R.P.C. Morgan

chapter 3|39 pages

Ecological Principles for Vegetation Establishment and Maintenance

ByNick Coppin, Richard Stiles

chapter 4|39 pages

Simulated Vegetation and Geotextiles

ByR.J. Rickson

chapter 5|64 pages

Water Erosion Control

ByR.P.C. Morgan, R.J. Rickson

chapter 6|30 pages

Wind Erosion Control

ByR.P.C. Morgan

chapter 7|49 pages

Slope Stabilization

ByT.H. Wu

chapter 8|8 pages


ByR.P.C. Morgan, R.J. Rickson